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WGBD - Where God Builds Disciples

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a.. Can I get a copy of Dr. Tozer's audio sermons or any audio?

Yes, you can receive a copy by simply downloading the sermon direct from our web site to your computer. You will not violate any copyright laws!

b.. How can I get your Bible study workbooks?

Each study has a PDF link whereby you can open the complete study and print it from your own computer. All of our studies are FREE. Help yourself! Our main objective at WGBD is to distribute Christian materials to anyone who wants them. Isn't the gospel free?

c.. Where do I purchase the books that correspond to each study?

The books can be purchased through your local bookstore or available through the publisher.

d.. Can I use your materials in my home Bible study?

Yes, feel free to use and print any or all of the studies. To cut our publishing costs we have made all our studies available to print by the PDF method. If you don't have the Adobe PDF software you can get it FREE at Adobe.

e.. What does WGBD mean?

WGBD means "Where God Builds Disciples." Learn more about who we are by clicking on this link: Who We Are

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